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Looking for a way to enhance the current plans for the structure of the village units

posted Jan 17, 2011 21:48:25 by CassandraElwell

Here is the quick sketch Benar and I did for the layout- we are planning a 12-unit village (60 person) made with the superadobe earthbag technique from Cal-Earth. The roofing system will likely be rebar and a slanted tarp to create a waterproof catchment system that allows the rainwater to run off the side into clay filtering pots for drinking water and also and to an irrigation system for the garden.

It would be great to start a discussion on what would be the best technique for the roofing system - Leonard came up with a great idea to have the 15' rebar bent in a "L" shape on both ends and hammered into the front of the bags on the top layer of each of the parallel walls, then laying the tarp over the rebar with the middle section of the rebar at a 45 degree angle. However, this would mean that placement of the 15' rebars would need be less than 1-2 feet apart from one another so that the tarp doesn't sink in between. Any ideas one a better way?

Thank and Love,

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BenOdell said Jan 17, 2011 22:22:52
wish i could see the picture more clearly.
is there a higher rez version?
Love&Haiti said Jan 17, 2011 22:44:43
You can see a high-rez version of the image by clicking here
~ The Love & Haiti Team
BenOdell said Jan 18, 2011 17:28:32
what about adding a layer of chicken wire on top of the rebar?
or better yet, use something solid for the roof? tarp is nice because it can be fixed/replaced (or opened up for nice weather) but it also is vulnerable to intense weather.

MarkRussellBerns said Jan 18, 2011 21:17:55
Rattan Roofing See Thatch video here
Kiln made ceramic tiles is another option.
Passive Solar- 1 foot spacing from Rattan roof and adobe roof. for air flow of radiant heat.

Adobe roofing, Rebar, Chicken wire, 1 layer of adobe 1 inch thick, tarp over add 1 inch rough adobe, seal with soft dirt. Re-stucco outer layer every 20 years
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BenarGeer said Feb 15, 2011 07:01:09
I was thinking about bamboo, I have a feeling some of the materials mentioned may be difficult do get. I believe that the adobe roofing will be a good long term solution. Any thoughts on integrating the overhang with water catchment?
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